About The Pelican Man Inc.

About Pelican DrawersWe specialize in unique computer furniture and accessories to help you get the most function in limited space, featuring the space-efficient design of the Pelican drawer.

What is a Pelican drawer?

The unique design of a Pelican drawer provides extra storage space toward the back of the drawer. This not only gives you bonus storage space you didn’t know you had, but it is also very secure in an office environment.

The Pelican drawer is available in various configurations to suit your storage and security needs, with the Pelican drawer providing convenient segmented storage in front, or the Pelican II and Pelican III providing a keyboard tray with a soft, molded palm rest in front.

The Pelican drawer and the Pelican II have a high capacity storage bin behind either the segmented storage or the keyboard tray in front. Both can be mounted under any surface 23-3/8″ deep.

The Pelican III has all the standard features of the Pelican II, with a smaller storage bin for mounting under surfaces with a 17-1/4″ depth. This storage bin is ideal for storage of computer media.

Available options for the Pelican II and III include a retractable mouse pad, and a MouseTrap for convenient storage of your computer mouse when not in use.

For additional security of your personal items and/or laptops, there is an optional locking lid for the high capacity storage bin available for the Pelican drawer and the Pelican II.